Monday, November 16, 2015

Infinite Aloe Review

** this is NOT a sponsored post. I have been seeing a few of those lately and I felt the need to get that out of the way. **

         Hi, My name is Tawnie. I am a skincare addict. 
         I can't deny that about myself. I think it all started because I have such horrible skin. Oily, big pores, acne prone, black heads... all that good stuff. So, when a product comes around promising certain results, instead of being skeptical, my oily little heart skips a beat thinking my salvation has appeared. Suffice to say that is hardly ever the case. 

         I usually don't like to talk about products I haven't tried myself for at least 2 weeks. Not even to friends of family. I don't want to be responsible for someone trying something and it breaking them out and then blowing up in my face. So I usually wait the 2 weeks. I feel like after 14 days your body will start letting you know how it's liking whatever product you are trying; be it skin care, make up, or medicine. Your body will let you know if it likes it or needs it. 

        Of course, on the other hand, if your body does not like it, it usually let's you know there and then. Mine does at least. It cusses me out instantly and punishes me with red itchy skin that feels like i rubbed it with a thorny wipe and then breaks out with the ugliest pimples and blemishes known to man. 

        With all that said, let's get into this review. I e-mailed Infinite Aloe about 3 or 4 weeks ago, after watching my friend Krista's Review Video . Krista is one of the most straight forward, dare I say, cut throat people I know. She will ALWAYS be (sometimes brutally) honest with anything she is talking about or anything you ask her (which is one of the million reasons I love her).  So after watching her video, I contacted Infinite Aloe Skin Care myself. I asked for a sample because as previously stated, I am a skincare fanatic and HAD to try this miracle product she was raving about. I like to e-mail companies for samples before purchasing them because firstly, Skincare can get quite expensive, so I like to know what I am buying before shelling out 40-100 bucks on product that may or may not work. Secondly, who doesn't love free stuff? And I figure; worst case scenario, if I don't like the product, I usually get a cute little bottle out of it! 

         When I received their package (mind you completely FREE) I was expecting the little foil pouches skin care companies tend to send out. Never was I expecting such a considerable and generous amount. 
This is the "sample" package they sent me

         I stated before that I do not like to discuss products until the 14 day mark. Infinite Aloe is the exception this rule. I have been using this product for 4 days now. I am in LOVE. Literally, EVERYTHING about this product is amazing. It smells so fresh and light. The consistency is thin but not watery and your skin drinks it up like the last Coca-Cola in the desert. I received three different products. you can read my personal review on each product below.

InfiniteAloe Advanced Formula Original Scent Skin Care

       From what I gathered, I received the same product in three different forms. This is the Original Scent Skin Care. I love this product because it takes care of so many different skin conditions, in general. But on me, INSTANTLY after I washed my face and toned with my witch hazel I waited a minute to let the toner set in and put just a dab of this on my face. I start in the center of my face and work my way out as that is where the majority of the product will lay and those are my more trouble areas. Immediately, my face drank in this cream like it was elixir from the holy grail. It fills in my pores, smooths out my face and honestly feels thinner than a primer but works almost the same. On the website it said that it is proven to work better the more you use it and I can honestly say I stand by that statement. I used it again that night after washing my face. I put a little more on this time than I did that morning because your skin has more time to process and drink in the product from your skin. I woke up with baby smooth skin. I kid you not. My skin was the softest it had been in a VERY long time. This is by no way saying that all my skin issues were gone, my pimples were still there, but my skin was clearing up and felt magical. This is with one day of use. Two applications.
     I'm on day four. I am still obsessed and a little sad I am almost out. I will definitely be purchasing the big container asap!

This is from their actual website:

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care has been specially formulated using the very highest quality Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) combined with ingredients carefully selected to enhance the Aloe's effectiveness. 

Looking for a quality moisturizer for difficult skin conditions? From abrasions and acne to eczema and radiation burns, many InfiniteAloe® Skin Care users are enthusiastic about results!

Non greasy, not oily, won't clog your pores and it penetrates many layers deep into the skin to soothe and soften. The 8 oz is a 4-6 month supply for most. 

Love your skin with InfiniteAloe® Skin Care, the Best Aloe Vera Skin Cream and the last skin cream you'll ever try.

Advanced Formula Fragrance Free
This is the same formula as the above just fragrance free. My mom is trying it out, I almost wish I kept it so I could use it after I finish mine! She is loving it just as much, but I will keep you guys posted on any changes or opinions she has later on♥

This is from their actual website:
InfiniteAloe® Skin Care, Advanced, Fragrance Free formula is the perfect choice for you. Organic Aloe Vera, natural oils and emollients soothe even the toughest skin conditions providing nourishment for healthy, beautiful skin.
Just like our original formula, InfiniteAloe Skin Care Advanced Fragrance Free includes all of the ingredients known and loved by thousands of satisfied customers: specially formulated using only the very finest Aloe Vera, natural oils and emollients. This Advanced formula is an unsurpassed moisturizer with no fragrance to fit your needs.
Many have found it a wonderful part of self-care for difficult skin conditions. Some InfiniteAloe Skin Care users have become so enthusiastic, they've sent us really (amazing) stories of their results. 
You deserve to look and feel your best, every day.  Enjoy InfiniteAloe Skin Care Advanced Fragrance Free formula. 

 InfiniteAloe Advanced Formula Special Edition Skin Care for Men
This product is not specifically for men, it says Special Edition but seeing as how I found it under the "For Men" section of their site, I let my Co-Worker try it out. While he doesn't want to admit how he loves the smell, His face is clearing up and as stated previously, I will keep you guys posted with any updates or opinions I get from him ☺

I'll keep you posted on any change or new opinion on this product and brand. Thank you guys for reading the blog xo Love you!

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